Memoirs of Michael Thomasz

Interviewee:                         Michael Thomasz
Born:                                   29
th September 1925
Date of Interview:                 06th August 2014
Length of Interview:              1 hour , 11 minutes
    Tina Hanks



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Self taught, Super Salesman Michael Thomasz was always the top earner at his places of employment, once even earning three times more money than the Managing Director! Hardworking Michael finally retired aged 81. And he’s still in the money having recently won £500 at bingo! Learn and be entertained as you listen to his life story and philosophies for success.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


0:00:28.9:             Where & when I was born.

0:00:53.0:             The beginning of my life.

0:01:28.1:             A beautiful breakfast ritual, as one of eight children that cemented family ties.

0:02:13.0:             Moving to our second home.

0:02:37.0:             When I was born.

0:02:46.0:             My home in Mirihana, Nugegoda.

0:03:11.3:             How and why I classify myself as a Burgher (family heritage).

0:04:05.1:             Growing up in Ceylon and my working history as a Burgher.

0:05:25.9:             The humble start of my career in sales at Collettes, where I soon became the highest paid employee.

0:08:03.5:             My beautiful home and my family of 5 children.

0:08:27.8:             The benefits of being a president and planning ahead.

0:09:24.1:             How I looked after my father on leaving Ceylon.

0:10:13.1:             My wife Kathleen and I evaluating where to move to.

0:11:03.2:             My fondest memories growing up in Ceylon.

0:12:16.8:             Coming to England in 1961 ahead of my family by sea.

0:13:16.3:             The difficulty in finding my first home in London and how I solved that problem.

0:16:22.5:             When and how my family joined me in a Mansion Block in Finsbury Park.

0:18:21.5:             How my children fitted into the English schooling system.

0:19:18.7:             What I missed about Ceylon.

0:19:41.6:             Happiness upon buying my first house in Palmers Green

0:20:15.4:             The benefit of knowledge and how, by using it, I overcame every problem and became the highest earner everywhere I worked.

0:23:49.0:             How I finally took voluntary retirement at 86 years of age.

0:25:52.2:             Travelling after the death of my wife and staying with my nephews and nieces.

0:31:40.2:             How my nephews and nieces matured into adulthood.

0:33:14.8:             How to get on with the people of England.

0:34:15.4:             Highlights of my UK career as a Super Salesman.

0:36:08.1:             Principals that made me a Super Salesman, the fruits of living by these values and how this got me a pay rise of over 30%.

0:40:24.3:             How often I returned to Ceylon.

0:41:30.3:             What I miss now about Ceylon.

0:42:00.0:             How I became a 'Jive Champion' in Colombo.

0:43:29.2:             Participation in the London Ceylonese social scene.

0:44:02.1:             The life my children enjoyed in England.

0:46:07.1:             How the other Burghers faired in England.

0:47:17.4:             I'm still socially active at 88!

0:48:18.5:             Food and drink: Differences between Ceylon and England.

0:50:17.9:             Curry.  What I like and where to find it.

0:51:51.8:             Music I liked in Ceylon and England.

0:52:31.2:             My passion for horse racing: Betting and ownership.

0:57:33.7:             My love of BSA motorbikes.

0:59:41.1:             4 new cars per year (due to family & work pressures).

1:01:50.4:             Luxury products in Ceylon.

1:03:55.5:             Memories of my family in Ceylon: Work, business and history.

1:06:51.7:             My attitudes towards wealth and life.

1:07:26.8:             My mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka.

1:08:23.3:             My rules for good family relationships and life

1:09:27.0:             Closing discussion on photographs on the website.

1:20:13.8:             How I feel about being a Burgher.

The End