Memoirs of Patricia Mohamed

Interviewee:                          Patricia Mohamed
Born:                                    11th March 1938
Date of Interview:                  19th  March 2014
Length of Interview:               49.30 Minutes
Interviewer:                           Janis Alexander


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Patricia Mohamed was born in Ceylon in 1938 and moved to London when she was 22 years old. Enjoy Pat’s nostalgic recollections about the house she grew up in and how, from sewing for pocket money, her attention to detail had her sewing clothes for members of the British Monarchy.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


0:00:48.6: The first house I lived in up to age 11 years and its huge garden.

0:04:45.4: Transport back in the days.

0:06:08.5: School days.

0:09:08.3: Lunch times at school.

0:10:18.9: Meeting my husband.

0:11:02.9: Being chaperoned.

0:11:25.6: To work or not to work.

0:12:50.4: Leaving Ceylon aged 22 years - reasons why.

0:13:37.1: Travelling by ship - the journey.

0:15:11.5: My first impressions of England after landing at Tilbury docks.

0:16:42.8: Setting up home in Ealing.

0:17:26.3: Coping with the differences in circumstances.

0:20:08.2: Missing our family and way of life.

0:20:32.2: Christmas in Ceylon.

0:20:53.3: Singing around the piano.

0:22:43.4: The radio in Ceylon.

0:23:38.9: Dances and parties.

0:25:01.8: Adjusting to the quieter lifestyle in London.

0:26:49.6: Learning to cook.

0:29:13.0: Moving to Chiswick and making friends.

0:29:58.9: Working as a dressmaker - making clothes for Princess Margaret's children.

0:32:46.1: An invitation to Kensington Palace.

0:34:21.1: Being a Tupperware Manager for 19 years.

0:35:53.1: My grandmother.

0:37:15.7: The stiff upper lip no matter what.

0:38:21.8: Sunday school.

0:39:37.5: How we occupied our time as children.

0:40:49.5: Getting stuck up a tree.

0:42:30.1: How my children occupied their time over here. Weekly family get-togethers in London.

0:43:58.2: Camping.

0:44:59.1: Tracing my genealogy and meeting unknown family.

0:46:53.9: How I am a burgher.

The End