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Frequently asked Questions (with Answers).

Q1. What do I do if the audio interview I listen to sticks ?
  You can click the refresh button at the top of the page and move the pointer to the desired timestamp to continue listening.
Q2. How do I submit interesting old photographs? ?
  You can submit old photographs via email to info@burghersuk.com. Please remember to add a caption and an approximate date/year.
Q3. How do I submit written material(s) about Burgher Achievers?
  Send us the finished written article, together with a photograph or photographs of the author. Short newspaper cuttings are also welcome. We may have to edit any submissions if they are very long.
Q4. How do I submit old Burgher sayings?
  Email old Burgher sayings to info@burghersuk.com.
Q5. How do I submit old videos?
  Email info@burghersuk.com with an outline of your video and we can arrange for it to be uploaded to our dropbox.
Q6. How do I promote an event we are holding?
  Contact us on Facebook.
Q7. How do I enlarge the pictures to actual sizes in Gallery ?
  Place the cursor on top of the desired picture you would like to enlarge and click on the zoom icon. This will show you an enlarged version of the actual picture to suit your screen. If you would like to see the original picture in actual pixels, you can click on the "expand this picture" icon at the top right of the picture and the same again to return back.
Q8. Are Burghers in the UK an Ethnic group?
  According to the Oxford Dictionary an Ethnic Group is a community or population made up of people who share a common cultural background or descent.

The National Statistics publication "Ethnic group statistics - A guide for the collection and classification of ethnicity data" has two definitions of ethnicity.

1. An ethnic group is a collectivity within a larger population having real or putative common ancestry, memories of a shared past, and a cultural focus upon one or more symbolic elements which define the group's identity, such as kinship, religion, language, shared territory, nationality or physical appearance. Members of an ethnic group are conscious of belonging to an ethnic group.

2. In principle, an ethnic group would be defined as a community whose heritage offers important characteristics in common between its members and which makes them distinct from other communities. There is a boundary, which separates 'us' from 'them', and the distinction would probably be recognised on both sides of that boundary. Ethnicity is a multi-faceted phenomenon based on physical appearance, subjective identification, cultural and religious affiliation, stereotyping, and social exclusion. But it is not possible in advance to prescribe what the key distinguishing characteristics might be; the components of ethnicity will be different in Britain compared with, say Northern Ireland, Belgium, Bosnia, the United States, Rwanda, India or Singapore. So it is necessary to adopt a flexible and practical approach to choosing the specific criteria to identify the important ethnic boundaries in any particular society.

These Official Definitions do not define the "size" of an ethnic group but clearly Burghers in the UK do fit the key distinguishing characteristics of both the above definitions. They are, therefore, an Ethnic Group in the UK.


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