Memoirs of Anton Manickam

Interviewee:                          Anton Manickam
Born:                                    19th November 1943
Date of Interview:                  07th June 2014
Length of Interview:               52.45 Minutes
Interviewer:                           Gayle Bartholomeusz


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Anton Manickam was born in Ceylon on 19th November 1943. He travelled to England on his own in 1962 aged just 15. After various jobs he became an auditor uncovering frauds and saving money for different companies. Try not to laugh too much as you listen to some of Anton’s hilarious practical jokes which he says makes him still chuckle to this day.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


0:00:15.7: Recalling happy childhood memories.

0:01:39.9: Boy scouting.

0:02:01.6: School life and practical jokes.

0:03:41.7: Getting the cane for writing excuse letters for my peers.

0:05:19.4: Climbing Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

0:06:18.1: Wesley School, modelled off British public schools, gave me a head start when I came to London in 1961.

0:09:00.0: The journey over.

0:09:54.3: High achievers who attended Wesley School.

0:11:01.5: The Sinhalese, Tamil and Burgher people were one.

0:12:33.8: The Burgher community were fully integrated and now they have lost their roots.

0:13:50.1: Contributions Burghers made to Sri Lanka.

0:14:28.6: First impressions of England.

0:15:03.1: Trouble finding accommodation and other issues with settling in.

0:19:15.4: My first job in London.

0:20:02.8: Training to be an accountant.

0:20:40.6: My first clerical job at an accountants firm in Mitcham.

0:21:35.3: Rising in my accounting career.

0:21:54.3: But someone else got my job – and they had to employ two others to do my job after I left.

0:23:03.3: How I turned my hand to solving accounting frauds.

0:29:05.6: Rewarding the people who help me.

0:30:34.1: Why I got rapped by the Judge.

0:32:24.6: I now do voluntary work for the health service and the money I save goes for patient care.

0:33:55.4: Mixing with Burghers - difficult these days.

0:34:56.6: What I like most about living in London/ Londoners.

0:37:17.7: Burghers are a lost community, I wish they would get together and keep their identity.

0:38:34.7: Finding a Burgher in Sri Lanka is a rare thing and other Burgher issues.

0:41:25.8: Things I miss about Ceylon. Friendship, open door society.

Practical Jokes

0:46:10.1: April fool’s day.

0:48:27.0: My brother joined in the fun.

0:49:15:0: On the train in London aged 15. Pinching a lady's bottom because she stepped on my toes – and the aftermath.

0:50:35.2: Vote for Douglas Hurd.

0:50:59.5: The camera at City Business Library.

0:51:30.2: I laugh to myself when I recall my practical jokes.

The End